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"Who kidnapped Sherlock Holmes?" is family entertainment at its best.
The subject appeals to both girls and boys, children and adults, for the film tells its story on a variety of levels.

"Who kidnapped Sherlock Holmes?" combines action and adventure, a boy-girl relationship and a whodunit packed with puzzles and mystery, told in great pictures and humorous dialogue.

"Who kidnapped Sherlock Holmes?" is an adventure film on a grand scale, set against magnificent scenery and including a chase across two continents by boat, on the Orient Express, by ship, caravan and double-decker plane, from the bustling streets of 1920's London to the vastness of the Himalayas.

"Who kidnapped Sherlock Holmes?" pits the modern technology of the 20th Century against the age-old myths of the Himalayas - myths which are just as likely to become reality.

"Who kidnapped Sherlock Holmes?" also brings together a working class girl whose resolute spirit more than compensates for her lack of education and a boy from an upper class background who is forced to abandon his belief in the superiority of adults in order to discover his own personality.

The film might well be subtitled "The next generationã, for its tells of how through Bondini's sleight of hand Sherlock Holmes' former maid Sharon is transformed into Miss Sharon Holmes, a young lady of leisure.
She and Dr. Watson's son William free the mysterious apeman Woomba from the clutches of Bondini, who pursues them by train, ship, lorry, double-decker plane and yak caravan from the metropolis of London to the high peaks of the Himalayas.
Little by little they reveal his dark and devious plans and machinations, until it becomes clear that time is running out to save the people of the Yeti and Sherlock Holmes, himself long given up for lost, from the network of deadly intrigue woven by Bondini.

The foundations are now laid for more adventures with the team of "Sharon Holmes & Watson jr."

If Lara Croft is the Indiana Jones of the present day, then Sharon Holmes is the Lara Croft of the Indiana Jones era.
It was the pioneering progress made by the Western World in the fields of technology, transport and science which at last made it possible to explore and conquer the mysterious areas of "terra incognita" which at that time were still dotted across the globe. It is the tension between enlightenment and mystery, sophisticated technology and ancient superstition, the encounter between the old and new worlds which makes this era between the two World Wars so enchanting.