FANTASMANIA is fantasy with the emphasis on fun
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FANTASMANIA is fantasy with the emphasis on fun

The novel "FANTASMANIA - a midsummer night's trauma„ is a blend of fantasy and satire. FANTASMANIA is a great adventure story with ironic undertones, in which the "hero" faces an utterly impossible task. Yet he exceeds all expectations, achieves the unachievable only to lose it all once again, and still emerges the winner. For he has found what he was really seeking: friendship.

FANTASMANIA is an enchanted medieval realm inhabited by a cornucopia of fabulous beings who somehow contrive to live more or less peacefully side by side.
FANTASMANIA is no Disneyland! There is violence, hatred and jealousy.
But no one actually gets hurt, let alone killed. From time to time there are some mighty - and mighty true-to-life - problems to contend with. But good always triumphs over evil.
Not that everything in this world is black and white. Even the "goodies" can be vain, jealous and prone to fears and anxieties. They are the "goodies" simply because they have the capacity to overcome these weaknesses, allowing love, friendship and their nose for a good party to prevail.

The world of Fantasmania is inhabited by all the traditional fairytale creatures such as fauns, centaurs, unicorns, trolls, gnomes, elves and goblins, along with vampires, dragons, zombies, ghosts, monsters, witches, werewolves and a whole crowd of beings neither you nor anyone else ever heard of. Like fungicidal maniacs, deadly knightshades, rooters, acorn zeecorns, squerewolves and creepy crawlies.
Together they are ruled over by King Tobleron* and his consort, the Lady Titanica, with their personal assistant Pluck, the last of the great seers.
Their life is punctuated by talking trees, living - if somewhat intellectually challenged - items of furniture, and all the everyday adversities of modern life.
Aging werewolves are plagued by rheumatism, the trolls suffer the indignity of being the worst footballers in Fantasmania, and the yetis have turned Mount Neverrest into a gigantic snowboard rave zone.
And watch your step! United Troll-Gnomic Health Insurance never picks up the tab!

All of the Fantasmania stories center on Mingo Mistletoe, the least gifted magician of all time, who reluctantly practices magic from a decaying tower with the help of Myrabella, his flying fairy receptionist and Mac, the talking book of spells. Mac's spells were once the most powerful in the land. But he is haunted by the ghostly janitor Glitschwiç, who effectively prevents him from pronouncing the magic words.
Mingo must fulfil an age-old prophecy and become the mightiest magician of all time in order to save Fantasmania from the inexorable advance of speculative property developer demons who poison the kingdom's water supply with antimagic slime.
Mingo succeeds in his task of saving the magic kingdom, but when it is all over he wishes that things could be the way they used to be and he could be back in the ruins of his tower.
Trouble is, the mightiest magicians of all time need to be very careful what they wish for!

chain of titles

Der Turm des Zauberers

Weh-Wolfs Zipperlei

Der doppelte Wikinger

Yetis in der half-pipe

Hexen hexen

Reggae auf Cannibalaica

1. FC Troll

Der lustige Mumienstadel

Vorschul - Barbaren

Der General auf dem Exorzierplatz

Fröhliche Wahnnacht!

Schneewittchen und der 8. Zwerg

Querwolf - Alarm!

Abrakadabra AG

Tranztee der Zombies

Casino Fatal

Derrosa Korsar

Gnomen est Omen

Das Monster von Loch Nass

Die Insel des Kid Kong

Schnüffeljäger Bill

Das transfantasmanische Rennen

Der elektrische Ritter

I.T. - der Innerirdische

Der Heiligan

Tick-Tock’s Cafe

The sorcerer’s tower

Woewolf in pain

Viking double

Snowboarding at Mount Neverrest

Best witches!

Reggae in Cannibalaica

FC Troll United

Yodling Mummie’s TV

Preschool Barbarians

General Exorcises

Christmad’s Eve

Snowwhite and the 8. Dwarf

Squarewolf - alarm!

Abracadabra holding

Teadance of the zombies

Casino Fatal

The Pink Pirate

Gnomen est Omen

The Loch Mess Monster

Kid Kong Island

Snuffaloe Bill

Race across Fantasmania

Electric Knightmare

I.T. - the Intraterrestrian

The Holygan

Tic-Toc’s cafe

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Feature Film
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Of all people to choose to save the magic kingdom of Fantasmania from the inexorable advance of the speculative property developer demons, it had to be the totally ungifted spell doctor Mingo. But he has the trusty Myrabella, his fairy receptionist, and his talking book of spells would help him too if only it were not haunted by the janitor Glitschwiç.
Despite all adversities, Mingo sets out on his hazardous journey to save the squerewolves, trolls, gnomes, deadly knightshades, druids, creepy crawlies, elves, dragons, goblins, fungicidal maniacs, ghosts, rooters and all the rest.

TV Series
© Mike Maurus

In Fantasmania, anything is possible.
Trolls United is top of the league, the yetis are holding wild snowboard raves on Mount Neverrest, and dust devils operate casino caverns staffed by one-armed bandits.
Mingo, meanwhile, is practicing his magic medicine in a tumbledown tower in the heart of the enchanted forest. Day after day, this least gifted magician of all time has to contend with a stream of gouty goblins, whimpering werewolves, traumatized trolls and nauseous gnomes.
The situation is somewhat relieved by the convivial atmosphere of "Tick-Tock’s Cafe" which is operated in the waiting room by Mingo's clock cuckoo. There his patients can down a raspberry beer, check out the latest news headlines in the giant crystal ball on the ceiling, or catch up on the gossip in a bowl of alphabet soup.
Patients come to Mingo with the weirdest problems for him to solve. It seems that wherever Mingo and his friends set foot in Fantasmania, there are wild and magical adventures awaiting them.